Eat, relax, and live better.

Loamstead high-yield gardens make vegetable and fruit gardening easy, fun and convenient, and the rewards grow over time. Not only do you harvest delicious, safe, and nutritious food, but you also make a positive impact on your community. Loamstead gardens improve the environment, beautify your yard, and connect you to your food source.loamstead_logo_02




Benefits of raised bed gardening:

  • Reduces back strain
  • Mitigates soil compaction
  • Deters gophers and moles – with gopher wire application
  • Concentrated watering
  • Longer growing season
  • Esthetically pleasing
  • Easy Access
  • Connects you to the soil


What is a Loamstead?

  •  The place where one’s soil is.
  • An edible garden, usually in the form of a raised bed, adjoining one’s home.
  • Land claimed by a home owner or community, for the sole purpose of raising edible plants and animals.