The Gardener


Growing up on the Colorado Front Range will make anyone appreciate the beauty this country has to offer. Phillip Gatchell spent most of his life between Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, and the beautiful backyard know as the Rocky Mountains. Surrounded by horse loving neighbors and two and a half acres of property Phillip spent most of his time outside playing with tonka trucks, go carts, bikes, and BB guns. From an early age Phillip helped his hobby gardener father build stone walls, erect fences, and plant out the yard. At the age of 10 Phillip learned how to drive a tractor, which sowed the seeds of a future farmer; that and the many hours spent shoveling horse poop out the back of his fathers truck with his brother.Scan 160120001


In high school Phillip started a mowing business cutting large fields with his father’s tractor. In 2010 he graduated from Colorado State University with a bachelor of science in Landscape Architecture. After school Phillip started an apprenticeship at Love Apple Farms in Santa Cruz, California learning organic and biodynamic practices of farming. While at Love Apple he designed and built his first edible garden and grew a passion for everything food, from seed to stomach.


You can find Phillip Gatchell’s Landscape Architecture portfolio here.